Remote Serial I/O Module


LabGen is a general purpose labelling and grading system that can be configured to suit a range of applications. The system connects directly to one or more scales or laboratory balances and stores, grades and produces labels for each product or item weighed.

Newcastle Host Support

TeamViewer Host is running as a system service and is used for 24/7 access to remote computers, including login/logout and remote reboot
Newcastle QS (Quick Support)

Simple and small customer module, runs immediately without installation and does not require administrative rights - optimized for instant support
PC-Eftpos Drivers

Drivers for PC-Eftpos
QuarryMan 2G

QuarryMan 2G is our second generation quarry management system suitable to be used in a broad range of quarry applications. The system is highly configurable and can be used in both single and multi-site applications.

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