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LabGen is a highly configurable labelling and grading system. The system is available in either a standard version or an advanced version. The advanced version adds support for multiple scales and functionality to interface to external equipment via an optional remote serial I/O interface.

The system connects to one scale in the standard version or multiple scales in the advanced version via a standard RS232 serial interface. The system records weighing transactions to a central database and has provision to automatically grade transactions based on weight and automatically print a label after each transaction is saved. The advanced version also provides functionality to grade transactions based on one or more external inputs allowing product classification to based on operator input or input from any device involved in the weighing process.

Transaction Processing
All weighing transactions are associated with a transaction batch, which nominates the product that is being processed and details for the batch. As each product is weighed the system records transaction details including date, time, weight, unique label ID and up to five grades based on weight or an external grading input (advanced version only). A label can be produced for each item weighed.

The system includes a label design utility allowing an unlimited of labels to be designed and stored within the
system database. Default labels can be associated with each scale, each product or assigned at the time a batch is commenced.

The system allows up to 5 user defined grading categories to be associated with weighing transactions. An unlimited number of grades can be specified within each grading category. The system can automatically grade an item based on weight or grade an item based on an input from an external source (advanced version only). In addition to grading at the time of the transaction, grades can be manually edited via the transaction edit facility. Some example configurations include

  • Grade Category 1: Size (Based On Weight)

    • Grade1: Size 10
    • Grade2: Size 12
    • Grade3: Size 14
    • Grade4: Size 16
    • Grade5: Size 18
    • Grade6: Size 20

  • Grade Category 2: Quality (Based On Input)

    • Grade1: Reject
    • Grade2: Acceptable
    • Grade3: High
    • Grade4: Premium

List and Queries
Through out the system fully customisable lists are used to display details of information stored within the central database. User defined views can be added to the system to provide views of data that include user selected fields, customised sort orders, data filtering, data grouping and column summaries (including sum, average, count, minimum value and maximum value). Information contained within views can be exported in Microsoft Excel, CSV, HTML and XML formats.



System Security
The security manager allows an unlimited number of fully customisable security profiles to be created and associated with one or more system operators. Access to every form within the system can be controlled and in the case of maintenance forms operators can be restricted to read only access. Access to all system privileges, reports and menus can be configured through security profiles.




LabGen offers an extensive range of standard reports. The report manager provides facilities to add user defined report filters, customised report menus and add new reports  (crystal reports required to create new reports). All reports can be viewed, printed or exported to a large range of formats.


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  • Unlimited number of user defined products
  • Configurable min and max acceptable weight per product
  • Label format selectable per product
  • Label messages based on product
  • 5 User defined product reporting groups
  • Transaction Batches
  • Unlimited number of weighing transaction batches
  • Unlimited number of weighing transactions per batch
  • One product per batch
  • Product default label format, min and max weight override
  • Batch label message Batch maintenance fac
  • Weighing Transactions
  • Unlimited number of transactions
  • 5 User defined transaction groups
  • Unlimited number of classifications per transaction group
  • Automatic grading based on weight
  • Transaction maintenance (edit, delete, insert).
  • Weighing Transactions (Refer Note 1)
  • Support for multiple scales.
  • Simultaneous processing of multiple transactions
  • Scale grouping allows multiple scales to record transactions into a single batch.
  • Tabbed user interface provides status and progress on all scales.
  • Labels
  • Built in label designer
  • Unlimited number of label formats
  • Default labels format per product or selected on start of batch
  • Security
  • Unlimited number user configurable security profiles
  • Unlimited number of users
  • Security can be applied to forms, menus, reports, list views & maintenance form fields.
  • External Equipment Interface (Refer Notes 1 & 2)
  • Transaction Saved Output
  • Batch Start Output
  • Batch End Output
  • Transaction group / grade updated Output
  • Close batch input
  • Start batch input
  • Label reprint input
  • Label print input
  • Accept current weight / save input
    1. Feature only available on LabGen advanced version
    2. Optional Serial I/O interface required


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