Remote Serial I/O Module

QuarryMan 2G

QuarryMan 2G is a highly configurable quarry management system designed to be utilised in a broad range of installations. It is suitable to be used in a standalone quarry or in multi-site, multi-weighbridge configurations with one or more remote central administration sites.

System Configuration
Each installation of QuarryMan 2G can be configured to interface to none, one or several weighbridges allowing inbound and outbound transactions to be recorded by a single operator. In a smaller sites administration, reporting and recording of vehicle transactions can be carried out from a single QuarryMan 2G installation. This configuration can be expanded to allow administration tasks to be carried out from other computers on the sites network.

Data Replication
QuarryMan 2Gs data replication facilities allows one or more quarry systems to be maintained  from an administration site in a different locality to the quarries. At preset intervals data from each quarry and administration site is brought up to date by the systems database replication facilities. Vehicle transactions created at the quarries are transferred to the administration sites to allow reporting, correction and export to financial systems. Changes made at the administration sites to prices, products, customers, jobs, vehicles, system security, docket design and many other items are automatically sent to the quarry sites to allowing these items to be managed remotely.

Transactions And Payments
Quarryman 2G supports the recording of vehicle, carrier, customer, job, product, weight and payment information for each transaction. The system supports multiple products and services per transaction and multiple price levels per product. In addition to the standard payment methods such as account, cash, eftpos, cheque and open cheque the system allows user defined payment methods to be added to the system and authorised to customers. This system allows transaction to be payed by multiple payment methods and supports both deposits and under payments.

Quarryman 2Gs job system supports multiple products per job, mandatory products and vehicle authorisation. Products charges can be based on both standard product rates and negotiated rates. Individual cartage rates can be specified for each carter associated with a job. Product targets can be configured for both user defined intervals (e.g. each day) and for the entire job to control delivery of product to your customer.

System Documents
Quarryman 2G includes a docket design utility to allow an unlimited number of user defined delivery dockets, tax invoices and receipts to be added to the system. The number of dockets and preferred printer is fully configurable and specific docket designs can be specified for each customer if required.

Manual Transactions
Weighbridge operators occasionally make mistakes and weighbridges sometimes break down so Quarryman 2G includes facilities to add manual transactions, edit existing transactions, delete transactions and correct entry payment errors. These operations can be carried out from the weighbridge system or a supervsior system located at the quarry site or a remote administration site. A full audit history is kept of all transaction changes and access to these facilties is tightly controlled by QuarryMan 2G's security system.

System Security
System security is a key feature of the QuarryMan 2G system. The QuarryMan 2G security manager allows an unlimited number of fully customisable security profiles to be created and associated with one or more system operators. Access to every form within the system can be controlled and in the case of maintenance forms operators can be restricted to read only access. Access to all system privileges, reports and menus can be configured through security profiles.

Financial System Interface And Reports
Quarryman 2G supports printing of account customer invoices from within the system and export of transactions to external financial systems such as MYOB. In addition to the standard export formats optional custom formats can be implemented on request. All reports provide facilities to export to various formats including Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, CSV and HTML.

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Multiple WeighbridgesSupports mutiple weighbridges per operator console, mutiple operator consoles per site and multiple sites per installation.
JobsSupports management and control of weighbridge transactions through jobs. Jobs support product and vehicle authorisation, product targets, negotiated product rates and individual cartage rates per carrier.
Stored Tares

The system supports stored tare transactions, dual weigh transactions and none weighed transactions.

Vehicle AttachmentsSupports stored tare vehicle attachements such as bins, trailers and varying truck configurations.
Multiple ProductsSupports multiple products per weighbridge transaction.
Multiple PaymentsSupports multiple payments and payment types per weighbridge transaction
Docket DesignerBuilt in docket designed allows an unlimited number of user defined dockets. These are assigned based on payment method, operator consoles or customers.
Programmable Cost EngineFully programmable cost engine allows user defined charge calculations.
ChargesThe system supports an unlimited number of user defined taxes, levies and charges.
Payment MethodsSysten supports an unlimited number of user defined payment methods
AuthorisationVehicles, products and payment methods can be authorised to customers to control unauthorised usage.

Unlimited number users and user defined security profiles. All lists, maintenance forms, reports, menus and system privlidges can be secured via security profiles.

Touch Screen

User configurable actions allow weighbridge transactions and other actions to be invoked by a single mouse click or button press via a touch screen.

PopupsConfigurable operator alerts based on selection of vehicles, vehicle attachements, customers, products and product types.
Weigbridge ConnectivityDirect connection to multiple weighbridges. All major brands of weighbridges supported.
External Device Connectivity

Control of traffic lights, boom gates, payment lights and similar devices supported. Refer Note 1

Image CaptureSupports capture of images from multiple cameras to system database at time of weighbridge transaction. Refer Note 3
Cash DrawerAutomatic cash drawer operation supported
Video Surveillance

Supports overlaying of weighbridge transaction information onto existing video surveillance feeds. Refer Note 2

Proximity Card Readers

Automatic transactions supported via proximity card readers. Various brands of both long and short range readers supported.

ReportsExtensive set of standard reports with user defined filters. Existing reports can be edited or new reports added using Crystal Reports Designer. Refer note 4
  1. Optional remote serial input / output intefrace module required
  2. Optional video surveillance interface module required.
  3. Compatible video capture card required.

  4. Optional crystal reports designer required to edit existing reports or design new reports.


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